LPS, LEA, and COVID-19

We have had frequent communication with LPS officials throughout this week (3-9 to 3-13) regarding ongoing discussions, policies, and planning for possible closures and procedures related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our best advice to members is to watch your LPS email for the most up to date messages directly from LPS as things evolve.  This is a fluid situation with circumstances that can change quickly; we encourage grace and patience as plans are developed to protect public health in this unprecedented situation.  Members are also encouraged to watch email for news and information from LEA; that is our primary method of communicating information as rapidly as possible directly to members.  We will rely heavily on email communications being sent out directly from LEA to members with updates and information, particularly in the event of closures that may prevent building representatives from being able to communicate easily with members.  We anticipate that LPS will communicate clearly the expectations for staff, particularly in the event of any closure whether short or long term, and LEA will remain ready to provide assistance to members as always–whether related to issues caused by the pandemic or routine needs for support and assistance.